My Fave Food


First of all, I am not on a diet. The minute I say that I am on a diet it makes it sound and feel like it is a temporary change, but it isn’t. This is a lifestyle change. There is no quick-fix for losing weight AND keeping it off. If it sounds too good to be true- it probably is! You want to make sure you are making little changes at a time, things that you can live with without feeling deprived.

I have had a TON of people asking about what kind of foods I’ve been eating and what type of diet I have been doing to lose weight… So I will make a list of some favorite meals and snacks that I have along with some tips. You know, things that have helped me along the way. And for all you guys who have recently joined weight watchers I will add the points values on here too!

Here are some of my favorite recipes if you’d like to try them out!







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